Learn to create positive changes in your body with the unique program, The Health School for a Longer Life™!

The Health School for a Longer Life™ consists of 5 interactive videos, which teach you how you can achieve real and immense improvements in your health. All the videos contain animations, images and music, which makes it easy, fast, fun and effective to learn the exercises. The modules are not sold separately as the Mental Allegro, which is introduced in the last module, is the technique which will help you achieve great success in many areas of your life.

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5 Interactive videos

In order to create positive changes in the body, both on a physical and psychological level, you first need to establish a firm contact with your subconscious. The common way of reaching the subconscious is via deep meditations, which is something most people find difficult. The techniques of the Health School for a Longer Life™, however, help you to easily reach your subconscious automatically. In other words, anyone will be able to achieve the desired results! These interactive videos are a compilation of a number of webinars, and you can read the participants’ testimonials here, what they thought about this course and the results they experienced already before the webinars were complete.


Practical exercises

The Health School for a Longer Life™ aims to help everyone learn how to take care of their health and health issues, strengthen their bodies and immune system in an easy way. The 5 modules teach you effective, practical exercises which help you to quickly improve your health status and protect you from various challenges, primarily viruses and other pathogens.


Exercises that really work!

The exercises comprise many physical processes, such as detoxing the body, balancing the hormone system, improving the functions of the immune system etc.

parallax background

The exercises build on a combination of a specific energetic

visualization method, breath and music.


The optimal combination

In order to make the exercises as effective as possible, we do the visualizations together with animated images and music. This optimal combination creates almost immediate effects.

Become your own health pro

If you perform the exercises for 8-10 weeks, at least 30 minutes per day, you will, guaranteed, greatly increase your health level, you can become twice as strong.

Understanding why

In order to learn more about how to create and maintain health, it is necessary to understand why health problems occur. There are thousands of different symptoms and diseases, but the main causes are the same - a weakened regulatory ability of the body and stagnations in the fluids. The regulatory ability is dependent on how the nervous- and the hormone systems function.

Do it right

Stagnations develop due to tension in the body and a weak detoxing ability. No matter what the problem is, you always have to correct the body’s regulating- and detoxing mechanisms. Everything else is just surpressing symptoms. Negative thinking and stress are immediately perceived by the hypothalamus and the pituitary and will cause imbalances in the nervous- and the hormone systems. Repeated anxiety, fears and worries will eventually lead to health problems.

Mental health tools

In other words: when the body reduces its regulatory capacity, various imbalances, symptoms and diseases develop. Negative thoughts induce tension in the body, which in turn causes stagnations, which obstructs the removal of waste products and dead cells, and then inflammation, adenoma, myom etc. may develop.

The Health School for a Longer Life™ - this is what you will learn

You will learn how to strengthen your body and your immune system, prevent and learn how to get rid of any existing health problem. You will learn how to support your body in its healing of various health issues. There are many similarities when dealing with different health problems, and although we will not deal with all issues, you will learn which methods you need to apply to get rid of all kinds of bodily imbalances.

The Health School for a Longer Life™ consists of 4 important health implementations:

1.The Power of Thought
(energy visualization)

Helps you get in contact with your subconscious.

2. Breath

A person’s adaptation ability, or resilience, depends on how much energy the cells are producing.

3. Music as a form of therapy

In the Health School for a Longer Life™, we use music as a part of our health work.

4. Nutrition

If you are suffering from health problems, nutrients, vitamins and minerals may be lacking.

The Power of Thought

The Power of Thought – if you want to change something in your body, eliminate a behavioural pattern or get rid of a health issue, it is necessary to work with your subconscious. You need to get in contact with the subconscious, and the subconscious is more susceptible to images than to words.

That is why mental visualization is the most effective way to create changes in one’s physiology. The kind of visualization we use in the program is called ”energetic visualization”.

In order to understand what this entails, you need to understand that every organ function has its reflection in a unique network of neurons. A problem in the body is always reflected in a physical network of neurons - a pattern. If you want to eliminate a problem, you first need to get rid of the old pattern and then replace it with a pattern which reflects a normal function. When we are visualizing functions in the way this program teaches, we are able to connect neurons so that their networks become much stronger, and we do this via visual animations and specific music, which energize the new patterns. That is why it is called ”energetic visualization”. A strong neuron network improves the body’s functions much faster and stabilizes them much better.


Our health is mainly dependent on our body’s adaptation ability, i.e. how well our body is able to adapt to various challenges in life. A person’s adaptation ability, or resilience, depends on how much energy the cells are producing. It is like a battery, which is being charged on different levels. The older the person gets, the less energy the cells will produce, and the less the body’s battery will be charged. And this is caused by a weakened oxygen uptake in the cells.

A poor oxygen uptake weakens the metabolism, which results in an increased amount of waste products remaining in the body, something which is called tissue hypoxia in medical language. Tissue hypoxia, or lack of oxygen, is the major cause of disease and aging. The breathing exercises in the program should be performed regularly and will improve your oxygen uptake. You will learn how to perform these breathing exercises both seperately and as part of the mental exercises, and this will improve both the oxygen uptake and facilitate the visualization exercises.

Music as a from of therapy

Music as

a from of therapy

In the Health School for a Longer Life™, we are using music as part of our health work. It is a well established fact that music has a positive influence on the body, that it can arouse emotions and be energizing. There are many studies on how classical music affects people, among other things, their learning ability and level of health.

These are a few of the established effects:

1. A dramtically improved focusing ability
2. Increased concentration ability
3. Tensions dissolves in the body
4. Increased energy
5. Improved learning ability
6. Calming effect
7. Increased creativity

In the Health School for a Longer Life™, we are using specific classical music, which makes the exercises more effective - both the mental and the breathing exercises. We usually use the music by Bach, Mozart and Vivaldi. This music not only increases the efficiency of the exercises, it also makes the exercises even more enjoyable.


With certain health issues, nutrients, vitamins and minerals may be lacking. Some health problems need specific diets, and sometimes you need to avoid certain foods all together.

How does it work?

Each module comes with a video and an e-book. The videos are approx. 40 min. each, and their content is built on the aspects of visualization, breath and music. The first module explains how the exercises work and in the remaining modules, you will learn how to apply various exercises to solve real problems. Each module comes in 2 parts, which are rounded off by a specific energetic visualization which increases your mental strength and your confidence. Begin by going through one module per week to lay the foundation for the new neural patterns in your brain. After approx. one month, start using the Mental Allegro (module 5), just watch it a couple of times per day for approx. a month on your phone. Thereafter, you have taught your brain and your subconscious to do the exercises very very quickly, and you only need a couple of minutes in the evening to do all the exercises...automatically!

Module 1 Part 1: The Principles

Module 1 Part 1

The Principles

1. How energetic visualization works when dealing with various health problems
2. How to use effective breathing to increase the body’s strength
3. How you can use music to create balance in your body
4. How you can transfer the energy of music to your inner organs and body parts
5. Which nutrition to choose. Principles
6. Practical exercises