Boris Аranovich inventor of innovative health methods

  • Health expert, Researcher

  • Founder of the Swedish wellness company ”Humans Resources AB”

  • Over 40 years of experience in the alternative health field

  • The author of more than 15 books on healing and rejuvenation

  • The creator of the breathing device SmartBreathe™


8000 Students and more

parallax background

Three foundations for health by Boris Aranovich

parallax background

Over 40 years of experience in the alternative health field

  • In 1971Higher education

    A degree from the Electro-technical Institute in St. Petersburg
  • From 1971 to 1985The first steps towards the medical arena

    Boris Aranovich first worked as an engineer and simultaneously studied Eastern medicine via courses and books and with well-known masters. One of these masters were Yu. A. Andreev, at the time a famous author ("Three Whales of Health" and other books), also known as E.I. Zuev who studied at a Tibetan monastery and conveyed his knowledge to others.
  • In 1988 A university of his own in Russia

    Boris Aranovich founded the University of Alternative Medicine in St. Petersburg, where he was the principal for four years
  • From 1988 to 1992Professional development

    Specialized studies in psycho-physiology and medical psychology at the Kirov Medical Academy and at the Pediatric Institute in St. Petersburg
  • In 1992The path to Sweden

    Invited to lecture at the Alternative Medical Institute in Stockholm, Sweden
  • In 2004 The Health Center in Stockholm

    Driver företaget Människans Resurser AB i Stockholm där studier av metoder för alternativ medicin bedrivs, samt utbildning inom dessa metoder. MD of the company Manniskans Resurser AB in Stockholm, which focuses on developing new alternative medical methods and offers educational training in this field
  • From 2004 until nowBoris Aranovich continues to research and teach

    Many times a year, we host a multitude of courses, seminars and webinars all around the world
Patented by Boris Aranovich

The breathing device SmartBreathe™

Effective breathing - like this:

+ Recovering health

+ Maintaining health

+ Activating the brain

This breathing device has undergone additional clinical tests in India and China
parallax background

Cooperations and patent

  • Developed 3 interactive computer programs to restore health via thoughts

  • Program 1 The power of thought on a cellular level

    Program 2 The Key

    Program 3 From stress to harmony

  • Created the breathing device SmartBreathe™ (approved by additional tests in India and China)

  • Participation at tests of Aquatone Advanced (at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden)

  • A cooperation with professor E.B. Sologub’s on his work "Psychophysiological impact of biocorrection methods on the human body"

  • Tests on the Ideo-motor movement method at the University of Seattle, USA

Books by Boris Aranovich

Boris Aranovich ” A unique opportunity for lasting health: Energy and information is the way to good health” Book 1 (2007))

Boris Aranovich ”A unique opportunity for lasting health: Thought energy and correct breathing are the foundations for good health”. Book 2 (2007)

Boris Aranovich ”Problems with obesity - loosing weight is very simple!”

Boris Aranovich ” Doctor Thought” (in Swedish, 2007)

Boris Aranovich ”Open up your health resources” (2012)

Boris Aranovich ”Effective breathing for Modern People” (2014)

Boris Aranovich ”10 Practical Steps to Rejuvenation” (in swedish, 2018)

Boris Aranovich «Andning och Tankens kraft» (in swedish, 2011)

Boris Aranovich "Healing with bioenergy and the power of thought for each one" (in swedish, 1995)

Boris Aranovich "Take control of your health". Mental Causes of Diseases »( in swedish, 1997))

Boris Aranovich "Cleansing the body at the cellular level" (in swedish, 1998)

Boris Aranovich «Get rid of your overweight with mind power, proper diet and exercise. Västerås »(in swedish, 2001)

Boris Aranovich "Meditation for Every Situation" (in swedish, 2006)

Boris Aranovich "Energy and Information" (in swedish, 2012)

Boris Aranovich "Be Younger Every Day" (in swedish, 2016

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scientific research

Psycho-manual therapy exercise

Improve the circulation of energy and blood in
the body with the power of thought and your hands

Exercises to improve the function of the vessels

via breathing exercises, active water
and quantum technologies

Detox your body

With the help of active water,
quantum technology and ideo-motor movements

Breathing exercises

Boris Aranovich’ cyclic aneorobic exercises
to improve blood circulation and relive stress
Breathing exercises with SmartBreathe™

Bio energy practice

Energy stretches
Identifying energy blocks and recovering with
the aid of hands and thoughts

Ideo-motor exercises   

Exercises to automatically access alpha- and theta rhythms
Programming the functions of organs with the aid of ideo-motor movements
Boris Aranovich’ technique for stress relief with ideo-motor exercises

Exercises to improve the body’s internal environment

Use a combination of active water and quantum technology to
restore the circulation in inter-cellular fluids, lymph and blood

Mental exercises

Exercises to deactivate negative subconscious programming
Mental modeling


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